On this cold and snowy day, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about when it is best to rescheduled your appointment.

It is important that your horse is healthy and comfortable in their environment during a saddle check or saddle fitting appointment so that they can provide clear information on what is and what is not working.  

It may be best to reschedule if: 
– your horse is lame or has an new health concern
– the weather is causing behavior changes such as a drastic drop in temperature leading to increased energy
– you have moved barns recently and your horse is still getting used to the new environment
– you are injured and unable to ride to try new saddles
– your trainer is currently the only one riding your horse and unable to be at the appointment

Please reach out if you have an appointment scheduled and something comes up. I know that things with horses are constantly changing and will work with you to reschedule for a better time.